This is sexy page. If you are interested only in romantic or social escort, you probably should not look in.. 🙂

The erotic fun time with your sexy Berlin escort may start in a quiet and intimately remote cozy lounge, with a glass of some drink. We don’t speak loud, we almost whisper, but your hands discreetly slightly touch my hips…I touch your fingers and play with them. I love this foreplay in public when we can’t yet go to the “number one”..


Here is a few erotic illustrations (not of me), of the things that I would enjoy with you or just exciting erotic illustrations..

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Fun in your office..


in the office to… the more “serious” is the place the more fun it is..


Role play escort in Berlin

Let’s play some enjoyable sexy roleplay game? The curtains of your hotel room are closed, nobody will see what an adult game we enjoy… It can be the pretty common much-desired fantasy “sexy cleaner is coming to dust furniture in your room”, or it can be some “tabooed” scenario. I am experienced and up to everything. The only thing you should remember with me is that I don’t tolerate any physically painful or unpleasant sensations and non-delicate rough treatment in general, so please no tits-grabbing or similar things. I can, though, be harder than average towards you, if asked, and myself I can accept light playful slaps on my bum. The roles can be pretty various, a few for instace: postman-and rich lady, teacher-and pupil, animalistic masks scenarios (I have masks)…etc.



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play with me..




about the unusual golden shower or water sports fetish

Some men search for squirt escort in Berlin, or for Berlin golden shower escort, or in other words so-called water sports (peeing escorts). In Berlin you can for sure find both sophisticated and dirty kinky escort, Muse. She can squirt or be water sports peeing escort for the lovers of water sports or pee games. Muse specifies in giving watersports, not receiving. You have to make sure you are not sqeamish concerning woman’s body and its liquids, there is nothing more terrible for a woman than feeling that her sex-partner does not like things they agreed to play. I pretty enjoy squirting and also water sports. Years ago I have been lucky to meet a man who gave me much self-confidence and knowledge about that kind of fetish or erotic fantasy. He enjoyed anything to do with it and great sex, and i enjoyed those meetings to. I can give a couple of advices to the escorts who would like to experience squirt and pee/water sports. You should consume a lot of water starting 2-3 hours before the date, and to keep drinking, preferably clear water, until the very date, yes, visiting toilet in the meantime. Then your stream will be clear and almost odor-free. And your sexual arousal will help the right parts of your body relax and give what your client wants and what brings him or her enjoyment. The nature of those two sex activities is similar, it is strictly speaking the same thing, but they have a different visual form and mechanism of appearing. Masturbation is the required part in the squirt games. If you want to enjoy just pee fetish with your client (maybe you want even to recieve) then masturbation is not necessary, but can be still a very enjoyable part. If it’s your first time, you and your client are not experienced then use the bath or shower. For experienced lovers of water sports fetish all ways are good, such as using special liquid-resistant sheets, or playing at outside space, or on the balcony (providing it’s not overlooked) etc. If the escort is experienced and can control her streams then client can ask her for only a little on his chest or cock like some men enjoy, to just add a bit of spice. He can use a wet tissue for wiping himself later if he wshes. If you are the man who has experienced all sorts of adult fun and want something more unusual and “dirty”, or you love the described fetish, let’s go kinky in Berlin. I have to say again, you can meet me only on some weeks and some days (enquire), no weekends, and mainly in the daytime. Actually, meeting in the day proves to be more discreet. Plus, it is more fun, to enjoy kink in the day when nobody has an idea of what is happening in the working day behind the door of your quiet cozy hotel room. 🙂

Your wonderful companion in Berlin.