This is the sexy page of Muse Berlin companion. If you are interested only in romantic or social escort, you probably should not look in.. 🙂

The erotic fun time with the sexy Berlin companion and kinky escort in Berlin may start in a quiet and intimately remote cozy lounge, with a glass of some drink. We don’t speak loud, we almost whisper, but your hands discreetly slightly touch my hips…I touch your fingers and play with them. I love this foreplay in public when we can’t yet go to the “number one” but start anticipating it..


these are not pictures of me but are pretty exciting erotic illustrations to what we could do…

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Let’s play some enjoyable sexy roleplay game? The curtains of your hotel room are closed, nobody will see what adult game we enjoy… It can be the pretty common much-desired fantasy “sexy cleaner is coming to dust furniture in your room”, or it can be some “tabooed” scenario – really kinky and very individual. Your Muse Berlin companion is experienced and up to everything. The only thing you should remember with me is that I don’t tolerate any physically painful or unpleasant sensations and non-delicate rough treatment in general, so please no tits-grabbing or similar things. I can, though, be upon your request not too mild and treat you harder than “average” if you are into D/s and sado-maso games, but only if I am asked. If we do drive into a curve into the extreme erotisicm, then we will for sure use a certain safe-word. I myself can accept only light playful slaps on my bum. The roles in our Berlin role play experience can be agreed beforehand, and can be pretty various. A few scenarios for a Role Play:

postman-and rich lady, sexy woman-doctor – and patient (or a man-doctor and a woman-patient), teacher-and pupil, or even more kinky such as role play scenario in animals’ masks (I have them)…etc.


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