Meet Berlin escort Muse

As a private Berlin escort companion I treat every my meeting exclusively. For this reason I definitely will need to know more about you before I can consider the meeting possible, even if it’s planned to be short. So, please kindly read on about my conditions and fill up the contact form bellow.

Independent Berlin Escort - sexy rendezvous with wineWhat I like for our date

Most of all, good manners and sensual mood. Cleanliness (shower and tooth brushing right before, sorry for naturalistic details), and of course I take care of safety. I like relaxed and mutually trusting style of the date and nice communication, without going too curious, on the both sides. I like to have drinking water in the room. Black chocolate is what I also enjoy, if we plan to spend time indoors. But don’t bother if you are busy or we have only a quickie.

  • My taxy fee should be paid one way or return, depends.
  • If the meeting duration exceeds 1 hour I will need to answer texts on my phone.
  • My gratuity should be handed right by the meeting.
  • Please mind that my fees are changeable up to my own reasons.
  • sorry, I leave to myslef the right to cancel the meeting if I don’t feel right about it or there is no chemistry at all.

*My gratuity is not too low yet not high for the substance and quality in all meanings. Personality, unparalleled sensuality and responsible attitude, all that is included for the date with an exclusive entertainer. Mind that promising offers with low fees may disappoint you.


I do short dates, as short as Sexy Quickies* durating within 1 hour.

Lunch + Dessert* – 2 h

Sensual Feast* – 3 h (the conditions depend on whether it is Lunch/Drink + sensual time indoors, or 3 hours completely indoors).

*Please contact me to find out the conditions, which will depend on the time, convenience, the desired scenario for the meeting. Muse  


Kindly fill up the form bellow and I will come back to you within one day.

Or contact me via email [email protected]

Wish list of Berlin Muse

Independent Berlin Escort - Wishlist

Gifts are not expected, but if you are the type of a generous man who enjoys making nice surprises to his ladies 🙂 I can of course give you a tip:

• Financial gifts are always sexy. (you can add it to my gratuity, or leave it at your hotel reception in an envelope addressed to me/providing I told you my name). I will use your financial gift for my salon beauty treatments. : )

• Face cream: Sisley “All Day All Year” (I love it) (not cheap but soo effective!).

• Perfumes: sensual “Lady Vengeance” by Juliette has a Gun (available in KaDeWe store), or relaxed “Fico di Amalfi” by Aqua di Parma (it’s for men but can be used as unisex).

• Chocolate candies “Diva” by Lindt, or truffles by Leysieffer :

Any gift will be genuinely appreciated!

Berlin Escort - courtesan, sexy dates in Berlin, sexy escort lady on bed.Independent Berlin Escort companion Absolute Muse